Renting A Property In Cyprus

Many people decide that they would prefer to rent rather than purchase a property and in the Paphos area you will find a variety of properties available to let long term.  So what normally happens and what will you need to do?

Finding a Property
Congratulations, you have made the first step to finding a property to rent by visiting our website. To help us find you a suitable property we need some basic but very important information and so it is worth giving the following some thought before contacting us or any rental agent.

Number of Bedrooms Required
Furnished or Unfurnished Property
Will you have pets at your new rental? Some Landlords do have restrictions on Pets.
Area   Do you want to be close to all amenities, shops, schools etc. or would you be happy to drive 20 minutes for main shopping and schooling. Rental properties can be found in the towns, in the villages, on the coast or in the countryside.  Properties closer to the sea high in demand and are usually more expensive.
Budget  Have an idea of how much you want to pay per month for your rental property. It’s always worth checking out properties listed for rent to see what you can realistically expect to rent for the money you have in mind.

Once we have this information we can then send you some suggestions to consider. If you have seen some properties of interest on our website let us know as we may be able to suggest others of a similar nature to give you more to choice.  We will arrange accompanied viewings on your selection then liaise and negotiate contracts between you and the Landlord.  There is no charge to you for this service.

The Long Term Rental Contract
Contracts are based on a 12 month and over period, it is not usual to have a shorter rental period. Your tenancy will also state the notice period required by either you or the landlord, it is usual that 1 months’ notice is needed to terminate the lease after the initial 12 months. The contract will clearly show the rental term, the monthly rent payable and who is responsible for various items like keeping  swimming pools clean and gardens tidy.  

Initial Costs When Renting
On signing your rental agreement you will be required to pay the 1st months’ rent together with a bond which is normally the same amount as months’ rent although rare you may find some furnished properties will require a higher deposit. This payment secures your rental property and will have to be made at the time of signing even though the tenancy may not be commencing for a month or 2.

Before you move into your new home you will go to the Electricity Authority to sign for the electricity bills to be transferred to your name. The Electricity Company will require a deposit usually in the region of €100; this is held until you leave the property and will be credited against your final bill.

Water is metered and the appropriate charge will be made by your local Community Board. Again it is usual for a deposit to be held, the amount varies with each Board and can be anything from €50 – 300 depending on area.

The Community Board also makes an annual charge for removal of rubbish and for rates, again each area varies and consideration will also be given to the size of the property you are renting.


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